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The Passenger

In the beginning, we searched the ashes of our “English Patient” for stories from lost times, for the hushed splendour of famous grand hotels, for splendid art deco sideboards and sedate club chairs.

We hoped to meet the Cliftons, as they got off their biplane back in Zarzura, dressed in khaki and shiny boots, the white silk scarf wrapped around the neck…

Now that the ashes have gone with the wind, we realise that he lives completely in the here and now, a traveller through time and charming companion on the dangerous pavements of our present.

Surrounded by a little secret, he leaves us with a touch of nostalgia.

Catwalk ...

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Passenger Black

The Facts

  • Measurements: 84 cm x 17 cm x 10,5 cm (edge) / 14 cm / highest point
  • Form-fit construction, reinforced with 2 mm carbon fibre
  • Weight: Depending on model and features 1,6 to 1,8 kg
  • Carrying straps total weight 100 gram, available in slim or wide design
  • Base material: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foamed with water vapour, ecologically safe (can be disposed of in household waste)
  • 5 mm PU-coating 
  • Outer casing consists of highest quality technical textile:
  • Abrasion value 50.000 rubs
  • Water-repellent
  • Smoothly running, extremely stable zipper
  • Sheet music pocket for formats up to 36 x 27 cm (e.g. opera scores)
  • Cleaning of the outer casing: Warm water with soap or detergent

The Hard Facts

  • Maximum protection against blows and falls 
  • Very high stability, torsion-resistant
  • Ideal thermal insulation (temperature and dampness) 
  • Does not absorb moisture hydrophobic material
  • Extremely light
  • Vernier adjustment of interior padding as desired 
  • Maximum wearing comfort on the back and easy handling 
  • As comfortable in your hand as carrying a city bag
  • Modern casualness and elegance
  • Customisable

  • Price: 895,- Euro