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XO Stringcases are sustainable produced in Germany.

For us, sustainability means:

  • The EPP foam body as well as all other foam components are produced in the Upper Rhine Valley by one of the best suppliers in the field of packaging and automotive. Featuring the most current ISO certificate for environmental management. (No need to question human rights issues.)
  • The manufacturing process takes place in our studio in Munich or in a high-quality company for the production of technical textiles in Lower Bavaria. 
  • The production location is Munich. (Here’s where the components are assembled, here’s where everything is being developed, here’s my home… the human rights issues…)
  • The fabrics come from one of the global market leaders in technical textiles in the fashion sector in Northern Italy. This is also where all the fabrics are produced (sic!), with all current ISO certificates for environmental management and social responsibility, of course.
  • The metal accessories made of solid brass come from the area of Florence. The manufacturer has the highest ISO standard for environmental management and social responsibility. 
  • Zippers are from Northern Italy where they are also produced. And again, the stuff about ISO…
  • Small components such as straps come from German factories in North Rhine-Westphalia. In-house production? You bet. And now the ISO….
  • The approximate way of transport of these components to the final assembly in Munich:
    600 km for the brass accessories, the zipper, and the fabrics. 380 km for the foam body and all foam components. 260 km for the production (the way is already calculated twice – there and back). 600-700 km for the small components.
    Which means an average transport way of about 450 km.
    How far away is Mallorca again? Or Thailand?
  • But even we have one black sheep: The snap hook made of punched aluminium is from Asia… Nobody’s perfect. We’ll keep at it.