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The secret of experience

Take all your experiences and throw them in a pot. Stir well and season with victories and defeats. Add some acquired serenity, have a taste, and pour the whole thing away, roaring with laughter.

What’s left is a taste on the palate.

In order to do the violin justice, I had to throw all my experience and skills I thought I had overboard. After going through different stages of enlightenment, this is how I arrived at EPP.

The material EPP (expanded polypropylene) is the state-of-the-art material in modern production engineering. Used, among other things, in the automobile and aviation industry, it’s characterised by high stability, durability, and low weight. EEP consists of 90% air. It is extremely light and has excellent insulation properties. It’s foamed solely with water vapour (145-160 degrees) at very high pressure and is absolutely ecologically safe. It can easily be disposed of in household waste.

EEP has virtually no limits as far as shaping goes, which has enabled me to develop a mould around the violin, and thus making it the only centre of attention.

In the end, the whole thing turned out to be something like a self-supporting body.

Since EEP consists almost entirely of air, it is extremely light and has the aforementioned unique thermal insulation that protects the violin against sudden changes of humidity and temperature.

The carbon reinforcement of both lid and bottom directly on top and underneath the violin body guarantees for an optimised protection of the instrument against sound post cracks and other damages.

Of course, the violin is fully suspended and cushioned. The body is laterally protected by soft foam cushions to absorb a shock in case of a fall or blow. The cushions’ thickness may vary according to the customer’s request.