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XO Gründer Andreas Kolar

Forget the case, think about the violin!

„Be careful, you could drown in the depths!“ an acquaintance of mine once told me a long time ago while we were talking about my work as a designer. I had found out that the mere shaping, the DESIGN of a surface didn’t make me happy. I wanted to go deeper, literally immerse myself into my work. Somewhere, I hoped, there had to be a treasure waiting to be found. My acquaintance, whose lifestyle was characterised by simple and quick solutions, dismissed this as being too complicated, even dangerous for an easy and hassle-free life. But I ignored his advice und continued to follow my own path:

No matter which subject I focus on, whether it’s XKolar coats, a design project for someone else, or a case for a French horn: The very first thing I need to know is what the “object of desire” is about, to find its very essence. So basically, it was always about a particular person, a group of people or an instrument.

As is the case with a violin.

First, I needed to become familiar with it, to grasp the construction, explore its peculiarities. Perceive its power, its vulnerability and sensitivity – everything that accounts for its actual beauty. Only then could I decide on the most suitable material, start shaping it around the violin; Give thought to protection and stability – “is this enough, will this line fit?” Lying awake at night with my eyes closed, with the image of the violin in my mind, how it would lie in my case, the way it is cushioned, where the bows are positioned, what else I could do… Experiencing a shape with all the power, lightness, and beauty that characterizes the violin is my most private happiness.

I didn’t drown in the depths but found a treasure. I will be ever grateful that my life and my fate have presented me with this experience.

Welcome to my world, welcome to XO-Stringcases!