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It was time to completely rethink the transport of violins ...

Aschnitt einer Violine in Schwarz-Weiss
Andreas X Kolar

Forget the case, think about the violin!

No matter which subject I focus on: First, I needed to become familiar with it, to grasp the construction, explore its peculiarities. Perceive its power, its vulnerability and sensitivity – everything that accounts for its actual beauty.

Made in Germany

XO Stringcases are sustainable produced in Germany.

XO made in Germany
XO-Passenger 2023

The Passenger

In the beginning, we searched the ashes of our “English Patient” for stories from lost times, ow that the ashes have gone with the wind, we realise that he lives completely in the here and now ...

Milano Black

She wore the uniform of a Milanese lady: a black cashmere turtleneck with a strand of pearls— cultured, or maybe not. A handbag loosely dangling on her lower arm, her lover’s watch casually wrapped around her wrist.

XO Perugia 2023


If you have never been there it seems almost impossible to describe the feeling of “Perugia”, since this place can only be explained by experiencing it first-hand.


That’s it: To bloom, to blossom, …Yes!!
To blossom: That’s it!

XO Blossom 2023
XO Black Mamba 2023

Black Mamba

This blow - that of detachment of all thoughts - is a serious matter and one will encounter it again and again.

The Paris Match

One can‘t say that she disregarded traffic – she simply didn’t take note of it. And thus, she rushed towards us, crossing the square
like the eye of a typhoon

XO Paris Match
XO Cafe Bleu 2023


Traveller, if you come to Anacapri, don’t forget to visit the Sphinx. Then you’ll gaze together over the Gulf of Naples. Brilliant blue! Glittering sunlight! In the distance, the sky melts into the sea…

Space Cowboy

Here I am now, having left everything behind me.
At the Sky bar, pressed against the glass of the balustrade, with Bangkok glittering deep down below me.

XO Stringcase Einblick in die Technik der Cases

Inside Out

In order to do the violin justice, I had to throw all my experience and skills I thought I had overboard.

private XO

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